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TrafficProfitME is an online advertising platform,where members can buy traffic packages and promote your Online Opportunities,or use our Traffic Exchange to advertise your websites free.
After signup you can explore and find many options in the "Advertisement"' menu;
if you want get free traffic just go to "Start Surfing" and visit how many websites you want
and earn 1 free credit for each page surfed;
You can also buy our traffic package and promote your online opportunities.
Here we don't aim profits,our goals are help you achieve a better distribuition of your online opportunities,so we have the best commissions rates and prices in our advertisements packages;

Firstly you must be a paid member to be elegible for earn commissions,it helps the Platform sustainable for long years;

We pay commissions in 3 levels

10% in first level;
5% in second level;
1% in third level;

Leverage the power of multiplication and earn lifetime commissions totally FREE;
Once you reach at least $5 dollars in any balance (BTC,ETH and LTC) you'll be able to request your cashout
remembering that your commissions goes to the balance that your referral used to buy an advertisement package;

We process your payments requested from your prefered balance in up to 24 hours usually earlier;

It's your choice!
Each visitor in register page is set up to be a random member referral!
it can be easier to get commissions and earn Free Referral;

But you can promote your referral link and build your team easily!
Monthly Membership Upgrades are optional it is just a better way to increase your commissions
and leverage the benefits of our platform!

Note: The membership package subscription are the same traffic packages listed in our Home Page,
you can start subscribing in membership package and still earn commissions in both options,
Traffic Packages and Referrals Upgrades options;

Membership Commissions rates:

30% 1st Level;
15% 2nd Level;
5% 3rd Level;

Membership Upgrades are optional!
But it increase your PTC Clicks limit to 500 daily (when available)
TrafficProfitME is tought,built and proved that it's a Fail Proof Platform and it will turn

one of the biggest cash multiplier in the Affiliate Programs in next years,why?

1- Everyone earn money here,it was tested and proved,even the platform earn the profits

promoting the main URL or selling the Traffic Packages(see homepage);

2- We are Entrepreneurs also,we work in the internet and we are tired of platforms that we

invest our time,money,make videos,send mails,and in another day is gone,turned a scam.

Because it we create our own;

3- Every Entrepreneur needs traffic,you,us and everyone that is working in the internet,it's a fact(dot).

4- You need be activated in at least one matrix position to be elegible to get 6 payments in commissions

spillover (see matrix details in purchase position page);

5- Te get commissions in other packs you need be a paid member(spent at leas $1 in our platform);

6- Spillover happens when your sponsor positions were filled(extremely recommended promote your own link)

7- To buy the higher plans you should acquire the Started Pack first;

8- There aren't error,buy your matrix position and get your traffic packs,don't wait for spillover,share your

own links and build your team ASAP;

9- There aren't loses also,you buy a traffic package use your credits and wait for spillover if you wish not promote
your referral link;

After read it,if persist any doubt contact Support Team;

Feel in home,the time is ticking;

TrafficProfitME Team...
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